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Upholding Creditor Rights in North Carolina

Shuford Hunter, PLLC regularly represents secured and unsecured creditors in bankruptcy and post-bankruptcy lawsuits. For creditors, we can—

File your proof of claim. Creditors need to file a proof of claim to be able to receive any distribution from a bankruptcy estate's proceeds. Shuford Hunter, PLLC files the claim and ensures adherence to the claim's strict guidelines.

Get relief from the automatic stay. When a debtor files its bankruptcy petition, the action invokes an automatic stay. While this is intended to create some breathing room between the debtor and creditor, there are also procedures to protect creditors during this period. Shuford Hunter, PLLC lawyers can help secured creditors get relief from the automatic stay to meet your needs and protect your rights.

Represent you in adversary proceedings. If a debtor or trustee files a complaint against you in a post-bankruptcy lawsuit or adversary proceeding, we apply our experience and knowledge to capably represent your defense from preparing your answer to the complaint to advocating for your rights in court. You also have the right as a creditor to file a complaint against the bankruptcy estate. In these matters, which can involve revocation of an order of plan confirmation, debt discharge objection, lien priority, or other complaints, Shuford Hunter, PLLC can represent you as the plaintiff.

Collect from the debtor through state court litigation. As experienced federal bankruptcy court and North Carolina state court debt collection lawyers, Shuford Hunter, PLLC can help you collect from the debtor and represent you in court in situations when the debtor fails to comply with bankruptcy code, thereby giving you the opportunity to renew your collection efforts.

Deep experience, proven results

Your rights as a creditor deserve to be upheld. The debtor-creditor boutique law firm of Shuford Hunter, PLLC has the experience to advocate for your rights. Call us at 704-377-8764 today or contact us online.

11 U.S.C. §528 (a)(4) Notice. We are a federally-designated debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the federal Bankruptcy Code.

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